BareTooth Cupboards has no income minimums and no questionnaires. We are a supplemental resource for people having temporary financial difficulties or who are facing sudden unexpected expenses and can’t make ends meet. Any Carbon County residents who are in need are eligible to obtain food up to twice a month. Again, there are no income minimums nor questionnaires.

"I was reluctant (embarrassed) to come into the Food Bank, but your volunteers were so friendly and helpful, and the additional food makes such a difference to our family.”   

“I’m a single parent and I couldn’t manage without the help of the food bank. Thank you so much!”  
~ Working parent of three children

“Thank you for the Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets. They really made a difference in my holiday meals.”  
~ Elderly client


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there really a “hunger problem” in Montana?
  • 12.5% of Montana households are food insecure. 4.6% are hungry. (Approximately 45,000 children are in "food insecure" homes.

How much is spent on payroll for employees at BareTooth Cupboards?
  • “0” dollars are spent for payroll. The food bank is run entirely by volunteers who donate over 1800 hours per year to keep things running smoothly.

How many times can a family come to the food bank in a month?
  • Customers can come to the food bank up to twice a month.

For a family of 1-2, what is the dollar value of the food for which they are eligible per month?
  • The approximate dollar amount is $122 per month.

How often BareTooth Cupboards provide food to people last year?
  • In 2018, we provided food to about 3500 people in 1300 households. The need tends to increase each year.

How long has the food bank been involved in the Red Lodge community?
  • The food bank started in Red Lodge in 1980.

How does one sign up to volunteer at the food bank?
  • Call 446-1255 and leave a message or stop by the food bank at 17 East 11th Street, Red Lodge and leave your contact information. Our volunteer coordinator, Judy Streets, will get back to you. We're open Monday & Wednesday 11:00-1:00, Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-11:00.